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Conditions We Treat

treatment-neckDon't Suffer Any Longer.

If you're suffering and not sure what to do about it, don't put it off any longer. The staff at TriCore Physical Therapy will perform a Complimentary Injury Screen; a full body strength, flexibility and muscular evaluation. If necessary, they will make a recommendation for your next steps, including how to get a physician referral.

  • Foot Injuries
  • Lower Leg Injuries
  • Ankle Injuries
  • Shoulder Injuries or Pain
  • Elbow/Forearm Injuries
  • Low Back Pain
  • Hip, Knee, Shoulder Replacements
  • Post-surgical Orthopedic
  • Wrist/Hand Injuries
  • Hip Injuries

treatment-footWhether you've been suffering from headaches or neck pain to ankle or toe pain, or anything in between, we are trained to help you recover from any musculoskeletal pain you may have.

Common conditions we treat include low back or neck pain, whiplash, rotator cuff injuries, carpal tunnel, elbow tendinitis, balance or gait disorders, hip or knee replacements, sports injuries, fractures and post surgical rehabilitation.

To help alleviate your pain, we will identify and address faulty biomechanics and movement patterns that have often developed over many years, improve flexibility, endurance, and strength, and offer an eclectic approach to hands on care, often termed manual therapy.

Our goal is always to treat the person and not just the body part.  In doing so, we are not only helping alleviate your current pain, but educating you on how to avoid future pain and return to the highest functional level possible.

If you were drawn to this link because you are suffering from some sort of pain, call today to see how we can help.

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